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In today's increasingly complex and demanding world, managers must be knowledgeable about, and adept in using, state of the-art decision making tools, techniques and technologies in order to solve problems effectively and to cope adequately with a dynamic business environment and rapidly changing strategic and organizational realities. More importantly, these managers would have to strive - over the rest of their careers which could well span the next few decades - to stay abreast of the latest developments in their fields, if they are to remain "current", i.e., as knowledgeable and adept as they were when they graduated. As such, the department's undergraduate and graduate management education programs are geared towards enabling its graduates to become and remain life-long learners as they lead and transform corporations and industries in the future, rather than just become managers and administrators who may be effective in the short run, but are destined to become "obsolete" in the not-too-distant future. Thus, our overall mission is to develop the abilities of the participants by delivering the best possible academic programs, based on the European and North American models, and which will prepare them for the demands of leadership and the challenges of decision-making for the rest of their careers.

Additionally, the College of Business aims to provide students with an excellent education in the traditional fields of Accounting, Finance, Management, Operations Management, Marketing, and Information Systems. However, we have realized that if our graduates are to thrive, rather than just survive, in an increasingly complex world, they will have to augment these functional areas of expertise with cross-functional, sectoral strengths.

We have, therefore, sought to design, develop and deliver to our students a number of cross-functional courses that would provide them with the grounding in sectoral areas that are critical for the future of Kazakhstan and the other countries in the region, such as the Management of Natural Resources (including Oil and Gas, Minerals, Energy and Water) over the next couple of years, we aim to follow our recently launched Natural Resource Management specialization with similar sectoral specializations in Banking, Media Management, Healthcare Management and Management of Non-Profit Organizations, for instance.

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